Teaser Thursday: Oops
Teaser Thursday / June 2, 2016

A) I’m late B) This isn’t a real post, either. Some of you may know that my Writer has decided to add “macular degeneration” to my list of character attributes in an attempt to make me more well-rounded. (If you didn’t know, now you do.) Because of this, I usually plan my blog posts a little bit better. Yesterday, I realized I hadn’t assembled my teaser post for this week and started working on it. Then my Writer decided to write in a bad eye day. Hey, it adds Character. I mean, my Character Arc is awesome. Still, awesome character arcs do not make for awesome blog posts that require a lot of research and reading, so… I have no blog post today. But I have an awesome blog post started for next week. And that’s what really matters. Would you like your indie book (sorry, trads– I’m all for traditional books, but I like to feature indies because I’m an indie and I’m prejudiced or something) featured in a future Teaser Thursday? Send me a message. Or a book. Or a message in a book, but if I have to read it backwards, I’m calling a priest before I…

Teaser Thursday: Indie Author Trivia Teasers
Teaser Thursday / May 26, 2016

I was disappointed no one took me up on my request for teasers from your books. So, since I didn’t get any do use this week, I’m going to do tiny little teasers from (mostly)┬áindie books. Can you match all the teasers to the authors and the authors to the books? No cheating! Teaser Lines “One-on-one, head-to-head confrontation had never gotten them anywhere. He clasped his dirt-stained hands in front of him and set his stubble-strewn jaw. His dad was tough, but horses weren’t his specialty. They were Keith’s.” “‘But why would anyone buy children?’ He broke off and sat up, feeling a prickling at the back of his neck, a stirring in the pit of his stomach as the dreadfulness, the horror, of what she had said sunk in.” “‘This is how they made the rift between us, those Earthers. Since the beginning, my kind and yours could join, soothing every ache. That was our way.” “He held her so tenderly, like she was some fragile thing as he carried her over to the nearest pew, where he slowly laid her down to rest. All of this happened without the slightest hint of effort.” “Even those of us who…

Teaser Thursday: Tease Me?
Teaser Thursday / May 19, 2016

I don’t want to put a teaser out today. I want you to send me your teasers. That’s right. I’m giving you freedom to comment with your own teaser for posing on my blog. Whether it’s a work in progress or something you’ve already published that you think I’d enjoy reading, share your teasers with me! Next week I’ll feature a few, so please only share what you’re happy having shared. Thanks!  

Teaser Thursday: Eleventh Hour
Teaser Thursday , Uncategorized / May 12, 2016

Thursdays will now be teaser day in this blogging experiment. “The Eleventh Hour” is a short piece I did for a competition. It didn’t win, but that’s okay. I have another short story now to add to the Figments universe. This snippet is copyright 2016 Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger. The ale was cold and had a faint lemony undertone to it. “I was looking for a ninja. Or a dragon.” “Odd combination.” The bartender leaned over the bar and Christopher got a whiff of something spicy. “Prophecy. Not my choice.” The ale seemed to have disappeared from his mug. “Oh, look, you found the dragon. How goes, Stacie?” Ian sat down next to Christopher, who turned a bit green. “Dragon?” The bartender held out her hand. “Didn’t Ian tell you it’s cosplay night? I couldn’t come dressed as a dragon, could I?” Her hand was incredibly warm when Christopher shook it in a daze. “But… you’re nice. I don’t want to kill you.” Christopher looked from Stacie to Ian and back. “Oh, that’s good. I’d rather not kill you either. It gives me indigestion.” Christopher slumped on his stool. “I’m supposed to kill you. The prophecy said so.” “This prophecy, what…