Arrived in Mini Soda
Uncategorized / February 22, 2015

I’m very confused. The state is named Mini Soda, but there’s no soda here. It’s all water! Lakes, lakes, and more lakes.  If I ask for soda, I’m asked if I want a pop.  Why would I want to pop?! I came here to get away from the snow and cold, but there’s plenty of cold today.  I don’t know what Fair in Height and Sell See Us has to do with temperature, but if the numbers are small, it’s cold!  If the numbers are negative, it’s really cold. Of course it is… I’m negative about the cold, too! I don’t think I’ll be here long. I can’t feel my fingers. How do you write if you can’t feel your fingers? On a side note, I think I saw a Muse yesterday. Or a Fury.  Maybe I’m running from them, not The Conductor.