Vampires Are Real!
Uncategorized / March 14, 2015

I was sloshing along the sidewalk, aiming for every patch of shade, when some wonderfully nice humans offered me cookies, orange slices, and water.  I happily sat and chatted with them for fifteen minutes, then they took me inside an air-conditioned truck and let me lie down.  So nice! They asked me a few questions that seemed a little personal, but I figured they were just trying to get to know me, so I answered.  Just as I got comfortable, I learned why you don’t talk to strangers: They shoved a needle in my arm and drained my blood! For one thing, I didn’t know I had real blood. I mean, I’m a Figment.  Apparently I’m a Figment who was written with blood. Thanks, my Author. Way to make me vampire prey. Eventually a little bell dinged and the needle was removed. I was plied with more snacks and water, then cheerfully sent on my way. Vampires ARE real…. but at least they’re polite.