CONTEST GIVEAWAY: Free ebook, maybe paperback too
Promotions / May 27, 2016

  I’ve decided I need more book reviews. Apparently, they’re a useful thing. So, here’s the deal. Send me a message. Tell me which book you want: Veneri Verbum, The Annals of Bobian, or Beta Beware. Tell me if you want PDF, ePub, or MOBI. If you already own all three, bless your little heart, you can pass it on if you win. You can reply here, send me email at, hit me up on Facebook, or DM me on Twitter (zanzibar7writer). I’ll pick a winner or two or three, depending on my mood. Might do a paperback, also depending on my mood. In exchange, I just ask for an honest review. Brutal is acceptable, but funny is better. Just review. Want more entries? Share, then show me that you shared. One more entry for every share. Share anywhere and everywhere. Invite others to share. Then share the sharing. Sharing is caring. Thanks!  

Feature Friday: Time to Commit

I can tell you all sorts of secrets for getting your book written. Once you have it written, I can give you all sorts of tips for getting it to market. However, until you’ve actually committed yourself to doing it, it’s not going to happen. “Well, of course I’m committed. I keep reading your lousy blog for advice, don’t I?” That just means you’re committed to learning how to do it. You haven’t committed to doing it. “Okay, semantic-laden Figment, how do I commit to doing it?” Set a deadline. I’ve heard all the excuses (really). Don’t bring me your excuses. I’ve used them myself and probably made them funnier (because, well, I’m funny). There are no excuses. You can work to a deadline, even if you’re a creative. You can write a full-length novel, even if you’re the busiest person ever. The only reasons you can’t finish a book by your self-imposed deadline are either that you were too ambitious or you quit. We don’t do quitters. You can modify your deadline if life happens or you can suck it up for a little while and pretend you don’t have a choice, but you don’t quit. Clear? Now, let’s…