30 Day Challenge: Final Day to Signup
30DayChallenge , Promotions / June 14, 2016

Just a reminder that today is the final day to sign up for the 30 Day Whole Writer Challenge. You do not have to be a writer to join the challenge. You do not have to have writing goals. You just need to signup (at this point, please either email me or join the Facebook group) and state your goal before whatever time I look at Facebook on June 15th. I’m travelling between fictionary worlds, so you may have until midday. Or you might not. Why should you do this? Beyond the obvious support, there are prizes: Week 1 (ends June 22): 3 people will win your choice of a free Zanzibar ebook Week 2 (ends June 29): 1 person will win a free ebook on Amazon of your choice (from a list) Week 3 (ends July 6): 1 person will win a free writing journal or paperback book of your choice (from a list of Zanzibar-approved indie authors). Week 4 (ends July 13): 3 people will win your choice of a free Zanzibar ebook GRAND PRIZE: one person will win a full, signed Zanzibar paperback collection- Veneri Verbum, Beta Beware, The Annals of Bobian.   All prizes are transferrable….

Captured! and a Challenge/ Contest
Promotions / June 7, 2016

Shh. Read quietly. The Conductor caught me yesterday and has determined that I have derailed my Life Plan, so I’m under a directive to do no blogging until I either write 50k over my three WIPs or finish one of them. Bah. Like I’ve ever listened to The Conductor. However, this does mean my normal blogging schedule has been disrupted. Also, I’d like her to go away, so I need to get the 50k written. I thought I would turn to you, my adoring blogging public (stop laughing) for inspiration. Here’s the deal: I have to write 50k mucho fasto (or “very fast” for those who don’t speak Figment Spanglish). You have some goal you need to reach. We can cheer (or jeer) each other on. Post a reply in the comments about the challenge you are going to accomplish between June 15th and July 15th. It can be a daily thing (write 1k a day), a weekly thing (finish one short story a week), or something for the full 30 days (write 50k– copycat!). It doesn’t even have to be writing, since I want my non-writing readers to get involved too. Want to get in shape? Challenge yourself to…

Feature Friday: I Need a Hero/ Villain/ Sidekick.

There’s been some discussion going about my social media regarding villains. I don’t write villains. I’ve never written a villain (no, not even Ellie the Evil Queen is a villain). Here’s why: a good villain isn’t a villain; they are the foil to your hero. A good villain, in another book, might be your hero. I also don’t write sidekicks. Sidekicks have their own story going on. That story is every bit as important as the heroes story. Just don’t tell the hero. Sidekicks tend to be a lot lower on the ego scale than heroes. Take a look at your WIP. If you’re writing a romance, you may not┬áhave a villain, but you’ll still have a foil to your main character. Look carefully at your villain/antagonist, love interest(s), and sidekicks. Do they have a backstory? It doesn’t need to be in the story, but you need to know a little bit about them. Do you know their personality type or motivations? If Myers-Briggs is too much, do a simple zodiac bit or a character archetype. Then do a little twist so the character isn’t just a stock character. (I hate stock characters.) If you’ve ever played at tabletop gaming,…

Teaser Thursday: Oops
Teaser Thursday / June 2, 2016

A) I’m late B) This isn’t a real post, either. Some of you may know that my Writer has decided to add “macular degeneration” to my list of character attributes in an attempt to make me more well-rounded. (If you didn’t know, now you do.) Because of this, I usually plan my blog posts a little bit better. Yesterday, I realized I hadn’t assembled my teaser post for this week and started working on it. Then my Writer decided to write in a bad eye day. Hey, it adds Character. I mean, my Character Arc is awesome. Still, awesome character arcs do not make for awesome blog posts that require a lot of research and reading, so… I have no blog post today. But I have an awesome blog post started for next week. And that’s what really matters. Would you like your indie book (sorry, trads– I’m all for traditional books, but I like to feature indies because I’m an indie and I’m prejudiced or something) featured in a future Teaser Thursday? Send me a message. Or a book. Or a message in a book, but if I have to read it backwards, I’m calling a priest before I…

WorkIt Wednesday: Get Up and DO Something
WorkIt Wednesday / June 1, 2016

I’m deep in the guts of revising my publishing schedule, so my WorkIt Wednesday is going to be simple. I don’t want to get stuck in this chair all day; it’s not healthy. But I do want to get this done. So here is the challenge: Movement For every hour, do five┬áminutes of movement. Stretch, go for a walk, do a quick tidy about the office, or throw in a fast bout of yoga. Do not sit for more than an hour at a time. Use a timer to accomplish this. Writing Remember that book we’ve been working on together? Let’s plot our schedule from plot to finish. Need a guideline to help you get there? Here’s roughly what I use: Day 1: Idea, outline, researching, rough cover idea Day 45: finish rough draft Day 65: finish first pass edit/ rewrite & send to beta readers Day 95: do second rewrite/ edit Day 115: send to editor Day 135: do third rewrite/ edit Day 145: proofread, finish cover, format Day 166: submit books, pre-release, ARC copies Day 180: (yep, six months later) release book Your turn! If you’re feeling really brave, share your timeline here. I’d love to see it….