Mall Cats?
Uncategorized / August 2, 2016

I am a fan of Pokémon Go. I’m also a fan of people watching. Since I’m having issues (again) with getting teen lingo right in my current WIP, I went to the local-ish mall to do some hunting and watching. It turns out this was the mall for People of Significant Monetary Means. Figments are not People of Significant Monetary Means. I stayed anyway, because this mall had some very nice Pokémon just wandering around (and a lot of Pokestops). But I learned a few things: People in convertibles are exempt from all traffic rules and can drive however they want because they have a convertible. People are happy to drive around for an hour on the main level looking for parking rather than driving to a different, less convenient, level to park quickly. Older girls (sometimes grown women) and their mothers walk around arm-in-arm or arm-around-shoulder in malls, even if it’s very crowded and people can’t get past them. Is this a fad? The last time I saw women walking around like this was when I watched Anne of Green Gables. For research, of course. There may be more Pokémon at the malls of People of Significant Monetary Means….