WorkIt Wednesday: Challenge 1

May 11, 2016

Chess Board - TwitterI’m going to try something new on Wednesdays until either I get bored, I get no response, or I think of something new to do: every Wednesday, I’m going to post a challenge. You will have 36 hours (out of respect for those in other time zones) to do both the physical and the writing part of the challenge. I’ll randomly select one winner for a free ebook every week. Eventually I may solicit giveaways from other authors.

You don’t have to sign up for anything. You don’t have to promise me your firstborn child– in fact, if you send me any children, I will disqualify you for life. All you have to do is respond in the comments before the 36 hours are up and tell me how you did. Simple, right?

Week One Physical Challenge

Let’s start off somewhat easy. Get in 10,000 steps. Period. You can post a picture of a tracker or you can just do it. (10,000 steps is about five miles, for those who track distance, not steps.)

Week One Writing Challenge

Write a flash fiction short story with this first line:

A man that don’t believe in destiny don’t need to know what his destiny is.” – Laura Moncur, Merriton: Twelve Hours From San Francisco

You can post a link to the story if you put it on your own blog or Facebook page or you can just post it in its entirety below.

What About the Winner?

I’ll use to pick one winner. That winner can choose either a free ebook or a free critique of their flash fiction story.

Ready? Set? GO!  You have until Thursday, May 12th at 8pm PT.


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  • Zanzibar7 May 11, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Okay, you don’t appear to be able to upload a photo of a tracker. You can email it to me if you want ( or we can go on the honor system. I got my five miles/ 10,000 steps in. How about you?

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