CONTEST GIVEAWAY: Free ebook, maybe paperback too

May 27, 2016


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I’ve decided I need more book reviews. Apparently, they’re a useful thing. So, here’s the deal.

Send me a message. Tell me which book you want: Veneri Verbum, The Annals of Bobian, or Beta Beware. Tell me if you want PDF, ePub, or MOBI. If you already own all three, bless your little heart, you can pass it on if you win. You can reply here, send me email at, hit me up on Facebook, or DM me on Twitter (zanzibar7writer).

I’ll pick a winner or two or three, depending on my mood. Might do a paperback, also depending on my mood. In exchange, I just ask for an honest review. Brutal is acceptable, but funny is better. Just review.

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