WorkIt Wednesday: Get Up and DO Something

June 1, 2016

Chess Board - TwitterI’m deep in the guts of revising my publishing schedule, so my WorkIt Wednesday is going to be simple. I don’t want to get stuck in this chair all day; it’s not healthy. But I do want to get this done. So here is the challenge:


For every hour, do five minutes of movement. Stretch, go for a walk, do a quick tidy about the office, or throw in a fast bout of yoga. Do not sit for more than an hour at a time. Use a timer to accomplish this.


Remember that book we’ve been working on together? Let’s plot our schedule from plot to finish. Need a guideline to help you get there? Here’s roughly what I use:

  • Day 1: Idea, outline, researching, rough cover idea
  • Day 45: finish rough draft
  • Day 65: finish first pass edit/ rewrite & send to beta readers
  • Day 95: do second rewrite/ edit
  • Day 115: send to editor
  • Day 135: do third rewrite/ edit
  • Day 145: proofread, finish cover, format
  • Day 166: submit books, pre-release, ARC copies
  • Day 180: (yep, six months later) release book

Your turn! If you’re feeling really brave, share your timeline here. I’d love to see it.


Side note: remember my goal to do 2k a day in run/walk, writing, editing, reading, and eating? Here’s my results:

  • Run/walk: goal of 34k (17 days).  Did 36.7k.  +2700 WIN
  • Writing: goal of 34k (17 days).  Did 12,593. -21,407. Ack.
  • Editing: I didn’t.  I just… failed.
  • Reading: goal of 34k (17 days). Did exactly (or close enough) 34k. WIN
  • Eating: goal of 34k (17 days). I went over, but I need better tracking. That’s on my to do list for today.

I can do better for June. I will do better. Are you doing this with me? How’s it going?

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