Teaser Thursday: Oops

June 2, 2016

Chess Board - TwitterA) I’m late

B) This isn’t a real post, either.

Some of you may know that my Writer has decided to add “macular degeneration” to my list of character attributes in an attempt to make me more well-rounded. (If you didn’t know, now you do.) Because of this, I usually plan my blog posts a little bit better.

Yesterday, I realized I hadn’t assembled my teaser post for this week and started working on it. Then my Writer decided to write in a bad eye day.

Hey, it adds Character. I mean, my Character Arc is awesome.

Still, awesome character arcs do not make for awesome blog posts that require a lot of research and reading, so… I have no blog post today.

But I have an awesome blog post started for next week. And that’s what really matters.

Would you like your indie book (sorry, trads– I’m all for traditional books, but I like to feature indies because I’m an indie and I’m prejudiced or something) featured in a future Teaser Thursday? Send me a message. Or a book. Or a message in a book, but if I have to read it backwards, I’m calling a priest before I read it.


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