Wednesday. Is It Wednesday? (Reminder #BeTheLight)

July 13, 2016

Chess Board - TwitterFirst, a reminder. Don’t forget to #BeTheLight tomorrow and spread humor on social media. Funny cat videos (because who doesn’t like laughing at cats when they use up one of their nine lives?), personal anecdotes, or just silly jokes. Share them everywhere. FLOOD media and social media with the funniest things you can find.  Tag them with #BeTheLight

Will this solve anything? No. It won’t. But when we can laugh, we can break out of the cycle of anger, hurt, and hate that we get dialed into. We can find a smile, which raises endorphins, which makes us feel good… so we want to be nice to others.

That’s actual science there. Don’t get used to it on this blog.

Spread this. Spread it thick, like peanut butter on a PB and porcupine sandwich (de-quill first). I don’t care if you track it to me. Just get it out there and get someone laughing.

As the second part to this, don’t share anything sad, mad, bad (or ads?) on 14July either. No matter how tempting it may be to share the latest news (and, of course, your opinion about said news), let it go for one day.

#BeTheLight and change the world, just for one day.

As a second thing, apparently I now have a Bill Collector (why would anyone collect bills?) chasing me as well as The Conductor, so I have acquired a Day Job (even though I may sometimes work hours I consider very close to evening, if not night). Because of this, I may be a little irregular. Don’t worry. I’ve been told if I eat prunes, it will fix itself, so I should be back to normal soon.

#BeTheLight for me tomorrow.

I need to find a bathroom.


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