Mall Cats?

August 2, 2016

Chess Board - TwitterI am a fan of Pokémon Go. I’m also a fan of people watching. Since I’m having issues (again) with getting teen lingo right in my current WIP, I went to the local-ish mall to do some hunting and watching. It turns out this was the mall for People of Significant Monetary Means.

Figments are not People of Significant Monetary Means.

I stayed anyway, because this mall had some very nice Pokémon just wandering around (and a lot of Pokestops). But I learned a few things:

  • People in convertibles are exempt from all traffic rules and can drive however they want because they have a convertible.
  • People are happy to drive around for an hour on the main level looking for parking rather than driving to a different, less convenient, level to park quickly.
  • Older girls (sometimes grown women) and their mothers walk around arm-in-arm or arm-around-shoulder in malls, even if it’s very crowded and people can’t get past them. Is this a fad? The last time I saw women walking around like this was when I watched Anne of Green Gables. For research, of course.
  • There may be more Pokémon at the malls of People of Significant Monetary Means.
  • If you smile at someone with resting angry face and say “hello” with no other expectations, you will often get a smile in return.
  • People of Significant Monetary Means cannot be separated from their dogs and must bring them to an indoor mall, even though the dog looks miserable and the mall has no bathroom facilities for those of the four-legged persuasion.
  • Cats do not care whether a person is a People of Significant Monetary Means and will not go to the mall.

All in all, I enjoyed watching teenagers be teenagers, regardless of Monetary Status. It was a bonus to capture Pokemon while I did the research.

Besides, research is always a good excuse.

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