NaNoWriMo Prep: When Life Throws a Curve Ball in November

October 11, 2016


It invariably happens every single year in November: I see a frantic online post about how something urgent has come up that might interfere with finishing NaNo.

First, let’s take a look at the big issue here: NaNoWriMo is a game, a challenge. It is not life. It should not be a substitute for life. Yes, take the challenge seriously. Follow the rules of the game as closely as you’re able and try to score a win. But it’s not life. When actual life things come up, give them precedence. Don’t mourn that you won’t finish NaNo because you had to run your neighbor to the hospital and ended up staying for three days. Rejoice that you were able to help out your neighbor. Priorities, people!

Second, be prepared to roll with the punches. I unexpectedly got to leave my place of hiding for a new place of hiding this weekend. Unfortunately, there was nothing resembling internet, even if I’d had time, so I’m now three blog posts behind on my NaNo Prep series. But that’s okay because, as much as I love waxing philosophical about how to have a perfect NaNo, the trip was more important. (Please don’t get your tighty-whiteys in a bunch over this. I still adore you most of the time.) So I rolled with the punches. I’ll double up on blog posts, one morning, one evening, until I catch up and life will move on. Do the same thing during your NaNo time. If you have a pipe burst and have to spend your normal writing time dealing with a plumber, divide 1667 by the number of days you have left and just add it on. If your child wins a “very special award” and you go to school for the award ceremony, only to find that every child won a “very special award” and you’ll be there for three hours– not writing– adjust and sneak in some notes on your phone while you wait.

It’s all about perspective. NaNo is not life. NaNo is a fun game that pushes you to do something pretty amazing.  If you’re like me, however, you may forget that in the heat of the moment. Create a few “inspire me” cards and have them ready. When life dumps spaghetti in your lap, you’ll have a bleach pen ready to get out the stains.

Here are a few examples:

  • If you divide 1667 words by 30 days, you only have to write 55.3 words. You’re fine. You’ve got this.
  • Emergency writing prompt: add an elephant to your story. In a tutu.
  • There are several billion people in the world who are not writing a novel. You aren’t one of them. That makes you special. Go write!
  • Reward challenge: write for two 30-minute sprints and you can watch an episode of [your favorite binge show]

What are your favorite go to emergency fixes during NaNo?

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