NaNoWriMo Prep: Step One, The Plot

October 12, 2016


Alright, you’re set for the realities of NaNo. It’s hard. You should be ready. But you still don’t have a story.

I’ve known some writers to say that any writer who doesn’t have a plot isn’t a writer, but sometimes they’re just not trained in what they need to know to find plots. Because, you see, the plots are out there. They’re evil little bunnies with vicious teeth and sharp claws, and they… ahem. Sorry. Anyway, you just have to learn to look for the plot bunnies. Because they’re everywhere. Everywhere.

Okay, took a few minutes to get out of the hug-me jacket, but I’m back. Let’s get to specifics.

You can start with story prompts, but that’s so… generic. So if you want story prompts, you might want to go look at another blog. I’m going to try to teach you how to find plot ideas yourself.

  1. Go watch people. Every person has a story.  No, you shouldn’t go up to total strangers and pepper them with questions. You’ll get some interesting responses, but it’s hard to promote your novel from jail. Instead, make up their stories. Who are they? How did they get here?
  2. Listen to music. The tune, the title, the lyrics– any of those can spawn a story. Don’t plagiarize, but do use inspiration.
  3. Read some good books. Again, totally not promoting plagiarizing, but good writing builds on other writing? Don’t believe me? Go check out Shakespeare.
  4. Watch television. You may even be able to publish fanfiction on Amazon Kindle Worlds. Just (again) don’t try to publish something that you’ve borrowed from elsewhere.
  5. Brainstorm with other writers (or just other people). Write down everything, however absurd. Then harvest what you can use. Except organs. We frown on organ harvesting. So does the law.
  6. Look at artwork. What’s the story behind the picture? Can you make it into more than a story? Is it an entire book?
  7. Go for a run/ exercise of your choice. Exercise produces the good hormones that stimulate creativity.
  8. Keep a journal, diary, or a stack of sticky notes (I’m a fan of the stack of sticky notes). Write down every creative idea you ever have. All of them. Ruffle through them occasionally and see if something inspires you.

Go. Get thee some paper and a writing instrument (or clay and stylus) and start sketching out ideas. Do not stop until you have at least five, however crazy you think they are.

We’ll get to developing ideas in the next post. For now, just get them.

Shoo! Go write.

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