NaNoWriMo: Day 3

November 3, 2016

NaNoWriMo2016I am just shy of halfway to finishing official NaNo: 24,718 words. I was going to try for the extra 300-ish words last night, but I was completely out of juice. I had managed a one-hour walk out in the cold and rain as well as attended my first write-in.  I’m working hard on my NaNoBingo card; as soon as I have a win, I’ll post a picture of it here. I’m going for a blackout, but we’ll see. Maybe one kind of over-achieving is enough. (Nah!)

Today, I’ll be starting out with this word crawl to get my blood flowing (as if situps, pull-backs, and toe taps weren’t enough) and this awesome music played on I may choose a different song from this CD for each day in this book.

Which reminds me (in an oblique way): I think I might put together my own Captain America: Civil War word crawl. I think it would be fun and I don’t see one out there (although maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough because I want to do one.

Also, the goal today is to beat yesterday’s word count, so at least 13k in the books by bedtime. There’s also a pesky Real Life day job interview in there, a *sniff* shower, more exercise, and another write-in.

Good luck to you today, WriMos! Don’t let my over-achieving stop you from getting out there and putting your words on paper. Remember, even if I’m just a Figment, I also do this all the time, so I have a muscle built up. I’m that annoying person in yoga class who does all the poses and asks for more. You may not be yet. But you can. Just keep writing. Build that habit and that muscle!

Ooh, look at that. A pep talk. Now that I’m all peppy, it’s time to take my sweet and spicy tea and my music and get a little groove going. See you on the other side!

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