NaNoWriMo: Day 4 (34,315)

November 4, 2016

NaNoWriMo2016Well, snot slugs in a bucket. I did not make my word count goal yesterday. I didn’t even make my low-end word count goal, which is to always have a 10k day. Close (9,800), but no dice, cigars, or fruity drinks.

We’ll fix that today.

I slept well tonight (although the concept of needing sleep is still something I’m learning) and I had social time yesterday at a real-live write-in, so I’m ready to be focused. Focused, I say! Best of all, I’ve bribed myself. If I can finish 50k by tonight, I get PIE. (If you math, which I don’t out of self-preservation instincts, you may note that to reach 50k will take… a lot of words. Definitely more than a 10k day. But I don’t math, so I should be fine.)

Still on the same song on repeat, but I’m going to make up my own word crawl as I go. Debating counting the word crawl toward my total. I haven’t been counting my blog posts, but a word crawl is really a NaNo thing so– No? No cheating? Do this fair and square or go home?

With a side note that I am at home (although I’m due to be chased out by the construction ninjas later today), very well. I will play fair and not count my word crawl numbers. But, because you are a meanie, I may not share this pie with you if I reach 50k. When I reach 50k. Semantics.

For those who haven’t noticed, I am now on Facebook, in spite of my wiser thoughts. I have already wasted moments there that I should have spent writing. We will see if it continues, but feel free to follow or friend me until then. I cannot promise I will follow or friend back. I’m a Figment. We’re wispy bits of thought cloud. Trust me, remembering to do things like friend people is a tough commitment. Instead, I will promise to be as entertaining as possible at all times and to never post angry hate rage posts.

And now I’m off. 50k. Considering I planned to do this three days ago, it’s going to feel anti-climactic no matter what, but the pie drives me on.

Pie I’m not sharing.


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