NaNoWriMo: Day 5 (45,036) DOUBLE-UP DAY

November 5, 2016

NaNoWriMo2016It’s #DoubleUpDay for #NaNoWriMo2016… but more on that in a moment. First, the important things.


It’s Day 5 of NaNoWriMo2016 and I still haven’t made what was my ambitious Day 1 goal: 50k. Not only does this mean I haven’t reached my goal, but it means NO PIE! Yes, I will get pie today, but I could have had pie yesterday, and that’s what really matters. Pie. And words, but mostly pie.

So, today is Double-Up Day in NaNoWriMo land. This is supposed to have a two-fold effect: one, you can get double the bling for donation efforts. If you donate $25, you get the $50 prizes. See? If you haven’t donated to NaNoWriMo yet (you don’t have a halo over you because you’re Alistair or Lilith, not Castiel), then this would be a great day to do so.

But it’s also Double Your Words Day. Because I didn’t have enough pressure on this frail “I want to be a real person” body already, NaNo wants me to hit 90,072 words by the end of the day.


No, really.

So, with that sobering thought, I have mainlined caffeine directly into my digestive system, nervous system, limbic system, and solar system. By the end of the day, I expect to be able to levitate near Mount Everest while simultaneously throwing snow balls at the sweaty people in the southern regions of the United States and creating an entire world with just my mind. Not a book world. A world. With physics and stuff.

Which means, as much as I’d like to keep having this charming, one-way exchange with you (why do none of you leave me comments? it’s like not getting a Valentine in class on Day Before Cheap Chocolate Day), I need to go write words that matter.

But you still matter.

Just less than pie. Words! I meant words.

Oh, go write and stop distracting me.


  • The Inspector November 5, 2016 at 7:55 am

    Zanzibar, are you in any way related to the Genie of the Lamp? You remind be of that lovely creature sometimes…

    • Zanzibar7 November 6, 2016 at 5:23 am

      To the best of my knowledge, no. I have occasionally been blue, but it was more metaphorical, and I do my best to not grant wishes. That gets messy.

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