Where’s Zanzibar?

December 22, 2017

So, where have I been?

I spent a couple of months in Figment-land. Apparently there was a big dispute about whether adjectives are good or bad in literature. Little Bo Peep and her crew were in favor; those with shorter names were often not in favor. It was a mess.

After the Figments, I went to Cawdor High, but it was on something called “summer break”. No one there. I did hear a rumor that Riley and Mr. Boogerschniggle had moved on to college, so I’ll be visiting them there next.

Okay, truth be told, I experienced something called a concussion, which is where you take your brain, blend it well, and serve it in a margarita glass with salt. (Failing that, you get something called a CT-scan and MRI and then spend a lot of time saying “ouch”.)

It’s hard to write with a concussion, so I had to take a little break. But I’m back on track and should be publishing my first book (in over a year) in February. Look for Calling All Heroes on February 12th.

Starting in January, I’m going to put up either a sneak peek or a short story every week. That will start the week of January 15th.

That’s all. I hear it’s holiday season for many people, so happy holidays of drinking, eating, and gifting. See you in the new year!

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