To Sleep, Perchance

February 26, 2015

I learned something new today: I need sleep in this world!  I was feeling a little tired, so I had coffee– not my favorite drink, but it usually does the trick.  Coffee must work differently here; I felt like a Split Personality. Very unpleasant, all my thoughts running everywhere. I may steer clear of caffeine in the future.

Two hours later, I suddenly ran out of energy as if a Leech had sucked it from me. I had a wave of dizziness and my vision even blackened.  I managed to make it to a safe location before the blackness took over.

I slept.  I have seen Characters and Figments sleep before, but they were written that way. I wasn’t written to sleep. Since I also wasn’t written to be a writer in this world, I suppose it’s a trade-off.  I woke up this morning, feeling much better. I’ll have to research this sleep and find out how much is required for optimum performance. I don’t want to get caught somewhere needing sleep when The Conductor is about.

That could be fatal.

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