So, where have I been? I spent a couple of months in Figment-land. Apparently there was a big dispute about whether adjectives are good or bad in literature. Little Bo Peep and her crew were in favor; those with shorter names were often not in favor. It was a mess. After the Figments, I went to Cawdor High, but it was on something called “summer break”. No one there. I did hear a rumor that Riley and Mr. Boogerschniggle had moved o...

New Things and Purple Text Talk
Uncategorized / August 31, 2015

I’ve been trying new things, like playgrounds and malls, lately. Did you know that there is a gang that converges on both of these areas with regularity, spouting all sorts of code words and swearing life-long allegiance to each other? I’ve been told BFF is not supposed to be taken literally and that ‘tween girls aren’t really dangerous, but the very name ‘TWEEN’ sounds like something that could ri...

Eleventh Hour- Part Eight (The End)
Uncategorized / August 21, 2015

It’s here! The final part of the short story that has six readers on the edge of their seats!  It’s all here: dragons, Ninjas, drama, death, and even the dreaded Editor! What are you waiting for?  Go read!  Now! Okay, soon. Maybe?  

Eleventh Hour- Part Seven
Uncategorized / August 19, 2015

It’s the penultimate part to the short story I’m doing on Wattpad. I think the site keeps leaving off zeroes, so I’m up to nearly 300 reads (or less than 30, if you want to believe that could possibly be accurate). I’ll have to think of something new when this passes… or maybe post a chapter or two of Veneri Verbum to whet a few appetites. My Social Reality Manager, Chelo, will be taking over the posting...

Eleventh Hour- Part Six
Uncategorized / August 17, 2015

If you’ve never experienced birth goo and Censor Pixies, this is the part for you. If you have experienced birth goo and Censor Pixies, this is also the chapter for you, because you might actually understand it. Read on, MacDuff.

Eleventh Hour- Part Five
Uncategorized / August 13, 2015

There is obviously a glitch with the Wattpad system, as it only shows sixteen views and I know all my devoted fans are hanging on my every word with my new short story, “Eleventh Hour”. Keep reading! I’m sure Wattpad will fix the issue soon and I’ll be able to thank each and every one of you at an award’s show somewhere.

Eleventh Hour- Part Four
Uncategorized / August 11, 2015

Time for the next part. I’m debating turning this all over to a social media assistant. Or ghostwriter. Or both. I have things to see, after all, and The Conductor to avoid.

Eleventh Hour- Part Three
Uncategorized / August 10, 2015

Part three is now available on Wattpad. If you’re not following, I hope it wasn’t to watch the woman do a marathon with red paint in her pants. That was just awkward. How does she get the paint off? Do other runners mind running in the paint? Who puts paint in their pants in the first place and why is it news? Yeah, I thought you’d rather read my story.