NaNoWriMo: Day 15 (100k and some change; book 2)
NaNoWriMo / November 15, 2016

Sorry for missing yesterday. After a huge day on Sunday, I didn’t feel like blogging. Or writing. Or moving. I’ve hit the 100k mark (double-NaNo) and finished up book 2, The Word Runner. I’ve also realized The Word Runner went horribly wrong (I didn’t write it with any sort of an outline, just a vague concept) and I’ll have to rewrite the entire thing from chapter two onward. Ah well. Live and learn. Today I will start book 3, Cheyna and the Doorway to Everland. I’m also prepping for Orycon in Portland, OR on Friday and gearing up to do a big attempt at marketing The Wicked Witch of Whatever. Yes. I am talking about marketing. But not until December. So, it’s halfway to the end of NaNo and I’ve only finished two books. Maybe six was asking too much of this non-Figment body– and that’s okay. I’ll keep writing through December 15th to get as far as I can on first drafts. Theoretically, I should be able to do all six by then. It doesn’t take into account my steadily growing hours at the day job (retail-associated), but I can work around that. I think. So, onward and upward….

NaNoWriMo: Day 13 (81,953)
NaNoWriMo / November 13, 2016

I finally got my mojo back (or rested up enough) to get some serious wordage in yesterday. It didn’t start off the best, though. First, I went to an in-person write-in because I’m trying to be social for this event and I no longer belong to a certain group that has provided all my social interaction without leaving the house. Also, the in-person event had pastries. But mostly social, really. When I got there and set up all the way, I discovered I was missing all 1k words from Friday. Now it was only 1k, but it was a hard 1k. I fought for that 1k. I bled (just a little) for that 1k. I searched all three backup locations. No 1k. Then I had a thought: what if it was still on the home computer under autosave? So I left the write-in, took a Pok√©mon Go detour, and then checked the home computer. Huzzah! All the words were there! And I had pastry, which was bonus. Then, finally, I got to writing, mixing it up with some offline stuff and quick bursts of exercise to combat the fluffy writer syndrome. I’m still not at epic levels, but I’m back…

NaNoWriMo: Day 4 (34,315)
NaNoWriMo / November 4, 2016

Well, snot slugs in a bucket. I did not make my word count goal yesterday. I didn’t even make my low-end word count goal, which is to always have a 10k day. Close (9,800), but no dice, cigars, or fruity drinks. We’ll fix that today. I slept well tonight (although the concept of needing sleep is still something I’m learning) and I had social time yesterday at a real-live write-in, so I’m ready to be focused. Focused, I say! Best of all, I’ve bribed myself. If I can finish 50k by tonight, I get PIE. (If you math, which I don’t out of self-preservation instincts, you may note that to reach 50k will take… a lot of words. Definitely more than a 10k day. But I don’t math, so I should be fine.) Still on the same song on repeat, but I’m going to make up my own word crawl as I go. Debating counting the word crawl toward my total. I haven’t been counting my blog posts, but a word crawl is really a NaNo thing so– No? No cheating? Do this fair and square or go home? With a side note that I am at home (although I’m…

Pacemaker Summer Olympics
Uncategorized / August 4, 2016

I’m a speedy writer. When I say that, I’m not bragging. I’m also a writer with a moderate attention span. I prefer to slam through a first draft in 45 days and be done with it than belabor over it for months and months. I have been working on The Wicked Witch of Whatever, off and on, since November. Pacemaker, a project writing website, is having a challenge called the Pacemaker Summer Olympics. In this challenge, writers set a word goal of at least 400 words per day between August 5th and August 21st (the dates of the Summer Olympics).¬†Pacemaker has a “fluctuating” setting, so I won’t be writing the same amount every day, but each day will be at least 400 words. Also, because Zanzibar (the place) is in Tanzania (the country), that’s the country I’m representing. What about you? Want to join me for a little word challenge fun? Go to Set up an account if you don’t have one and make or choose a plan. Then sign up for a country. There’s low participation right now, so you could make some obscure country famous (modestly famous) by winning. I don’t have to have challenges to do…

30 Day Challenge: Final Day to Signup
30DayChallenge , Promotions / June 14, 2016

Just a reminder that today is the final day to sign up for the 30 Day Whole Writer Challenge. You do not have to be a writer to join the challenge. You do not have to have writing goals. You just need to signup (at this point, please either email me or join the Facebook group) and state your goal before whatever time I look at Facebook on June 15th. I’m travelling between fictionary worlds, so you may have until midday. Or you might not. Why should you do this? Beyond the obvious support, there are prizes: Week 1 (ends June 22): 3 people will win your choice of a free Zanzibar ebook Week 2 (ends June 29): 1 person will win a free ebook on Amazon of your choice (from a list) Week 3 (ends July 6): 1 person will win a free writing journal or paperback book of your choice (from a list of Zanzibar-approved indie authors). Week 4 (ends July 13): 3 people will win your choice of a free Zanzibar ebook GRAND PRIZE: one person will win a full, signed Zanzibar paperback collection- Veneri Verbum, Beta Beware, The Annals of Bobian.   All prizes are transferrable….

Captured! and a Challenge/ Contest
Promotions / June 7, 2016

Shh. Read quietly. The Conductor caught me yesterday and has determined that I have derailed my Life Plan, so I’m under a directive to do no blogging until I either write 50k over my three WIPs or finish one of them. Bah. Like I’ve ever listened to The Conductor. However, this does mean my normal blogging schedule has been disrupted. Also, I’d like her to go away, so I need to get the 50k written. I thought I would turn to you, my adoring blogging public (stop laughing) for inspiration. Here’s the deal: I have to write 50k mucho fasto (or “very fast” for those who don’t speak Figment Spanglish). You have some goal you need to reach. We can cheer (or jeer) each other on. Post a reply in the comments about the challenge you are going to accomplish between June 15th and July 15th. It can be a daily thing (write 1k a day), a weekly thing (finish one short story a week), or something for the full 30 days (write 50k– copycat!). It doesn’t even have to be writing, since I want my non-writing readers to get involved too. Want to get in shape? Challenge yourself to…

WorkIt Wednesday: The Five-2K Challenge
WorkIt Wednesday / May 18, 2016

I’m going to put a challenge out there for everyone. I’ve already made it to certain friends. Now I’m opening it to you. For the next year (or one year from whenever you decide to start), do the Five2K challenge: Write 2k Run/ walk 2k Edit 2k Read 2k Eat 2k calories (2000 calories) Do this daily for one year (52 weeks). Tag your progress with #Five2K. Miss a day? Don’t stress. Make up your 2k on another day. 2k walking or running is only 1.29 miles or so. Do a little extra one day and “bank” it toward another day. Didn’t write enough? Have a marathon writing session and get in 10k at some point. Same with editing. 2k words is, roughly, eight pages, although your average will vary. Do it for the fun of it and as a way to push yourself. Do it for the cool name. Are you with me?

WorkIt Wednesday: Challenge 1
WorkIt Wednesday / May 11, 2016

I’m going to try something new on Wednesdays until either I get bored, I get no response, or I think of something new to do: every Wednesday, I’m going to post a challenge. You will have 36 hours (out of respect for those in other time zones) to do both the physical and the writing part of the challenge. I’ll randomly select one winner for a free ebook every week. Eventually I may solicit giveaways from other authors. You don’t have to sign up for anything. You don’t have to promise me your firstborn child– in fact, if you send me any children, I will disqualify you for life. All you have to do is respond in the comments before the 36 hours are up and tell me how you did. Simple, right? Week One Physical Challenge Let’s start off somewhat easy. Get in 10,000 steps. Period. You can post a picture of a tracker or you can just do it. (10,000 steps is about five miles, for those who track distance, not steps.) Week One Writing Challenge Write a flash fiction short story with this first line: A man that don’t believe in destiny don’t need to know what…