A to Z Blogging Challenge: B

A to Z Blogging Challenge: (The) Bobian

A to Z Blogging Challenge: B

When I first created the Figments universe, I was sure this was where I was going to spend the majority of my time. I mean, other writers had done it: Xanth. Stephanie Plum. Honor Harrington. Create a world big enough and you can play in it for decades.
Then I discovered The Bobian.
The Bobian is (currently) a twelve-year-old boy with no other desire than to eat ice cream. He’s got a good imagination and, really, a far better sense of focus than I do. He knows what he wants and he’s going to get it, come broken bones, broken friendships, or angry Queen Mothers. Okay, maybe not angry Queen Mothers. Some things are just insurmountable.
Nevertheless, when I discovered The Bobian, I realized I had found something just as special as my Figments. In fact, The Bobian may be better, overall, because I like the kid better than I like Christopher (no offense, Christopher, just in case you’re reading).
The Annals of BobianThe Bobian is really what I want my books to be: easy to read, easy to laugh at, and hard to put down.
What are your goals as a Writer? Are you out to change (or at least educate) the world? Do you want to create an unforgettable world of your own? Do you want the romance, glitz and glamour?
What do you want as a Reader? Are you looking for happily ever after? A good whodunit? Deep intellectual books that make you think?
What’s on your list?

Eleventh Hour- Part Seven

It’s the penultimate part to the short story I’m doing on Wattpad. I think the site keeps leaving off zeroes, so I’m up to nearly 300 reads (or less than 30, if you want to believe that could possibly be accurate). I’ll have to think of something new when this passes… or maybe post a chapter or two of Veneri Verbum to whet a few appetites.

My Social Reality Manager, Chelo, will be taking over the posting after the short is finished. I hope you’ll all be as wonderful to her as you’ve been to me.  Okay, wonderfuller. She could quit on me.

Eleventh Hour- Part Five

There is obviously a glitch with the Wattpad system, as it only shows sixteen views and I know all my devoted fans are hanging on my every word with my new short story, “Eleventh Hour”. Keep reading! I’m sure Wattpad will fix the issue soon and I’ll be able to thank each and every one of you at an award’s show somewhere.

Eleventh Hour- Part Three

Part three is now available on Wattpad.

If you’re not following, I hope it wasn’t to watch the woman do a marathon with red paint in her pants. That was just awkward. How does she get the paint off? Do other runners mind running in the paint? Who puts paint in their pants in the first place and why is it news?

Yeah, I thought you’d rather read my story.

Driving License

I can’t drive. I did once and was told I needed a driving license or I could go to jail. I escaped here to I wouldn’t have to go to jail!  I tried to get a driving license, but you need Soshal Security for that.

I’m a little confused what Soshal Security has to do with Soshal Meedya. Does it protect you from getting frozen by Soshal Meedya? Whatever it is, I can’t drive or get a real job because of it.

So, instead of driving, I walk a lot or let other people drive. This is another odd Reality custom. Why can’t you just think about where you want to be and end up there immediately, like in books?  Cut out the boring part, I say.

There are a lot of licenses here. I even need a card if I want to get my books from the big building on the edge of town… then I have to return them when I’m done!

If anyone can explain what’s secure about Soshal Security and how it works with Soshal Meedya, let me know.

Vampires Are Real!

I was sloshing along the sidewalk, aiming for every patch of shade, when some wonderfully nice humans offered me cookies, orange slices, and water.  I happily sat and chatted with them for fifteen minutes, then they took me inside an air-conditioned truck and let me lie down.  So nice!

They asked me a few questions that seemed a little personal, but I figured they were just trying to get to know me, so I answered.  Just as I got comfortable, I learned why you don’t talk to strangers:

They shoved a needle in my arm and drained my blood!

For one thing, I didn’t know I had real blood. I mean, I’m a Figment.  Apparently I’m a Figment who was written with blood. Thanks, my Author. Way to make me vampire prey.

Eventually a little bell dinged and the needle was removed. I was plied with more snacks and water, then cheerfully sent on my way.

Vampires ARE real…. but at least they’re polite.