NaNoWriMo: Day 9 (63,782 words)- BackUp Your Work!
NaNoWriMo / November 9, 2016

A Cautionary Poem We backup to our hard drive; We backup to our mail. We backup without thinking; We backup without fail. We backup to a DropBox Or similar device; We backup to a flash drive; We even backup twice. We send it to our family; We send it to our friends. They send restraining orders And then the fun begins. Unless you like retyping A thousand words or more Backup your words this instant I beg, beseech, implore. Backup when you’re done writing; Backup the in-between. Backup before web browsing; Backup your words, your dreams. If you forget to backup (And everybody does) Then post this short reminder Wherever you have cause. And now I’m off to backup My own words places three, And life will be less stressful If you backup like me. My computer had major issues yesterday. Major, won’t boot, issues. Fortunately, I had saved all my work for the day on a flash drive, so I wasn’t worried about losing my progress. Unfortunately, it limited how much I wrote for the day. Off to make up for the loss. Go back up your work, then get writing.

NaNoWriMo: Day 8 (59,787)- The Healthy Edition
NaNoWriMo / November 8, 2016

I kept running into that wall yesterday, so I finally cut myself a little slack. I went and played four miles of Pokémon and watched football (and was quite disappointed that only a couple of players seemed to use their feet) and went to bed early instead of obsessing about word counts. I’m behind… and that’s okay. When I committed myself to crazy word counts for this NaNoWriMo season, I promised I would also practice self-care. I wanted a real body– to be a Real Person– I was certainly going to take care of it. That’s harder than you would think when every instinct you have says to sit in the chair for 12-14 hours a day. But I have mostly been managing it, other than being a little behind on cardio exercise. It helped that I started with a plan: Every morning I get up, make a big cup of tea (I cheated once and had coffee instead and felt less hydrated all day). I take a probiotic, a multi-vitamin high on Omega-3s, and (because I’m a Figment trying to turn real), a special vitamin for skin, hair and nails. (You have no idea how funny you look without…

NaNoWriMo: Day 7 (55,802)
Motivation Monday , NaNoWriMo / November 7, 2016

I have run into a wall… and it wasn’t all friendly-like. Sundays are traditionally a recharge day for me, but it’s NaNo. Recharge means I wrote a little over 4k, finished up the cover and formatting for The Wicked Witch of Whatever, and hit the shiny “publish” button. Today, I don’t want to write. And this is honestly the thing that will separate me from the pack when it come to the long-term. Because I’m going to sit my rather fluffy butt in the chair and write anyway. I may grouse. I may kill off Eric in new and exciting ways. I may even deny the Bobian (and myself) ice cream. But I’m going to write. Take a chill pill, those of you who just went all full-defensive.  There’s no judgement in this. The only writer I get to judge is myself. But I want to be a full-time Writer. (I also want to be a Real Person, but that’s a different blog post.) Are there writers who manage a good living without writing when they don’t want to? Absolutely. But there are more who make themselves write when they don’t want to, because the road to success isn’t paved…

NaNoWriMo Prep: Learning to Prioritize
NaNoWriMo Prep / October 5, 2016

I have let you down, dear Readers. I am late. But I’m not going to apologize because, as much as I adore my adoring public, I had my priorities straight this time. You see, I have a deadline that has to be met by tomorrow, so I was up late, burning the 2 am electricity, trying to get closer to that deadline while the inspiration was burning hot. I knew what my priority was, and that’s what I put first. And that’s what the prep post is about today: learning to prioritize. Any other time in the year, it makes perfect sense to squeeze writing in here and there (unless you are  Professional Writer ™, in which case you squeeze everything else in). During November, however, you have to learn to make writing your top priority. I am not saying to neglect Real Life. If you have small spawnage, a Day Job, or educational pursuits, those have to come first. It just means you have to work even harder to make sure that other pursuits are neglected during November. Here’s what I mean: apparently, Real People must eat and sleep regularly. Showering and other self-care is advised. But there are…

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Ocular Impairment. Do Not Adjust Your Station
A to Z Blog Challenge / April 18, 2016

Yesterday was the first time since April started that I wrote no words. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Less than one. This is okay. I’ve been pretty hardcore about getting in my one poem a day and not missing any days of the blogging challenge. Yesterday, I missed my poem, but I’m pretty sure no one else will miss my attempt at a Petrarchian sonnet. On Friday, I had an event that challenged me to move 5k (walk/run) and write 5k. I got the words in, but it was a hectic day and I abused my eyes.  I also did it on four hours of sleep. On Saturday, I got to play host and I was a guest at a thirteen-hour online event. On three hours of sleep. I took one 30-minute nap, one 15-minute Starbucks run, and a quick dash to the mailbox. Beyond that, I was in front of a computer all day. Last night I tried to get a book cover finished, do a social media graphic, and write up a short story before I got to my poem for the day. I didn’t finish. By the time I got through my social media graphic, my eyes were burning and…

A to Z Blogging Challenge: No. Nope. Nyet. Nuh-uh.
A to Z Blog Challenge / April 16, 2016

There is a time when you just need to say: NO! Today is going to be one of those times. I’ve been doing relatively well keeping up on this challenge (I hate doing anything on a daily basis, so it’s been a challenge). Today, however, I am spending all day at an online event and I just can’t even. There will be days you can’t even either… or that you shouldn’t even. People are always going to want your time (or money or skills) and you only have so much. You have to know where your priorities are so you can figure out when to say “yes”, when to say “no”, and when to say “maybe later”. Blogging regularly is pretty low on my priority list, so it’s getting a “no” today. Supporting my friends for promotional events is pretty high and I didn’t even have to think about it. Sleep is important, but I can get by for one day, so I told sleep “maybe later”. Getting in the habit of labeling things this way will keep you happier, healthier, and more able to do the things you really want to do. What things do you need to say…