Top Ten Tuesday: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way From The Library

Chess Board - TwitterI like funny, in case you haven’t noticed. Sometimes the funny is sarcastic. Sometimes it’s wry. Sometimes it tends a little toward the Three Stooges. Funny is different to different people, but it needs to be a few things:

  • relatable
  • timed right
  • over the top, but not too over the top

Some of my favorite writers have humor down cold. Here’s my top ten list, in no particular order:

  1. Jonathan Swift: while most know him for Gulliver’s Travels, his A Modest Proposal was my first introduction into satire– and I was hooked.
  2. William Shakespeare: not only has the man inspired me to want to be remembered for the words I bring to the world, but he has enough comedy to keep me entertained for days. My favorite varies, but I’m currently in love with As You Like It (subject to frequent change).
  3. Robert Aspirin’s Myth Adventures series taught me the power of puns. Piers Anthony later taught me that a pun could be overdone, which just barely keeps him off this list.
  4. Douglas Adams: Towels, 42, and  Vogon poetry. Enough said right there. He is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
  5. Sir Terry Pratchett: we lost a great man last year and the world laughed a little softer for a while, but Discworld will always be around to remind us that there are things to laugh at… and about.
  6. Jasper Fforde: Thursday Next is the reason I decided to write humor. I wanted to take great classical literature and turn it on its ears… or noses.
  7. Mark Twain is always borderline for me, but he deserves a mention here.
  8. Jeff Kinney and his Diary of a Wimpy Kid series makes me laugh. Don’t ask me why. I’m an adolescent male at my humor center.
  9. Lewis Carroll: You had to realize Carroll would make it on my list. I find his wry sense of humor understated and underappreciated.
  10. Me: I mean, duh. Why write humor if you don’t enjoy what you write?

I couldn’t think of a single female humor writer who truly makes me laugh. I know Erma Bombeck is popular, but she never really gets me going. So I might need some help filling in this tenth spot.

So, how about it, readers? Who are your favorite humor writers? Who did I leave out? Who should I have left out?

Teaser Thursday: Indie Author Trivia Teasers

Chess Board - TwitterI was disappointed no one took me up on my request for teasers from your books. So, since I didn’t get any do use this week, I’m going to do tiny little teasers from (mostly) indie books. Can you match all the teasers to the authors and the authors to the books? No cheating!

Teaser Lines

  1. “One-on-one, head-to-head confrontation had never gotten them anywhere. He clasped his dirt-stained hands in front of him and set his stubble-strewn jaw. His dad was tough, but horses weren’t his specialty. They were Keith’s.”
  2. “‘But why would anyone buy children?’ He broke off and sat up, feeling a prickling at the back of his neck, a stirring in the pit of his stomach as the dreadfulness, the horror, of what she had said sunk in.”
  3. “‘This is how they made the rift between us, those Earthers. Since the beginning, my kind and yours could join, soothing every ache. That was our way.”
  4. “He held her so tenderly, like she was some fragile thing as he carried her over to the nearest pew, where he slowly laid her down to rest. All of this happened without the slightest hint of effort.”
  5. “Even those of us who do not believe Miss Penn is given to any particular prophetic gift have been in a somewhat dark mood since we set our sights upon returning to New Orleans.”
  6. “Ms Ubersyentist side-stepped, exploring the contraption. She shrugged a couple of times, surveying the twisted metal, when Lachy moved to whisper in her ear.”
  7. “With these kinds of jobs, repulsiveness was the most important quality you needed in a good partner– the other requirements being religious fervor and an IQ of less than a hundred.”
  8. “‘Call me Cole. And I will call you Andi,’ he said it slowly on purpose, dragging each word out. Her cheeks reddened. He’d ticked her off even more. she didn’t speak, just turned away and headed down the wide hallway.”

Book Titles

  1. Blood Hound
  2. Caterpillar” (short story)
  3. Collision Force
  4. Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun
  5. Deep in the Heart
  6. Domechild
  7. Frankie Dupont and The Science Fair Sabotage
  8. Grave Beginnings


  1. Baldwin, James Osiris
  2. Cook, Jeffrey and Sarah Symonds
  3. Forge, Ashlyn
  4. Grasso, Julie Anne
  5. Ramdas, Shiv
  6. Stallings, Staci
  7. Szarek, CA
  8. Virdi, Ronnie